Mid Year Entry PCT Programme

First Year Teachers who Teach 0-3 Year Students

Course Programme

9.30am – 10.15am

10.15am – 10.30am

10.30am – 12.30pm

12.30pm –  1.00pm

1.00pm –  2.30pm

Mentoring Time – burning issues, reflection, inquiry, next steps, goal setting, networking, collegial collaboration

Morning Tea

Content Facilitation


Content Facilitation, reflection.

Information about the Induction and Mentoring Programme in alignment with your school procedures;

Creating effective classroom/learning environments and management/organisation;

Student engagement and developing connected, positive relationships (student emotional regulation and some ‘starter off’ behaviour management strategies);

Exploring growth mindset, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Presented by Jo Williams

Looking at the Standard – Te Tiriti o Waitangi Partnership;

Demonstrate commitment to tangata whenua and Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership in Aotearoa New Zealand;

Unpacking ‘Protection, Partnership, Participation’;

Introducing Te Reo Maori activities and resources.

Presented by Raewyn Flynn 

Integrating more Te Reo into the Mainstream Classroom

Essential components of a balanced reading programme;

Teaching strategies and skills, reading tips;

Resources and useful websites.

Presented by Jo Williams

starting back

This session will demonstrate fun, hands-on exploration and investigation activities that teachers can implement in their own settings. By looking through a science lens, we are able to harness children’s innate curiosity leading to their engagement;

Exploring how science is an ideal platform for writing.

Presented by Graham Cox


Examples of effective maths practice;

A treasure trove of practical maths activities;

Play and discovery ideas;

Resources and useful websites. 

Presented by Jo Williams

A guide to recognising and understanding the dyslexic students in your class;

Students’ various learning styles, their thinking and questioning tendencies and their processing abilities;

A holistic look into the dyslexic child.

Presented by Jo Williams

Jo Williams