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Course Programme

Each session will run between 9.00am and 3.00pm; the structure of each session will follow this daily format:

09.00am – 9.45am The Mentoring ‘Hour’ with Jo Williams: Burning issues, reflection, inquiry, next steps, goal setting, networking, collaboration with colleagues

09.45am – 10.00am Morning tea

10.00am – 12.30pm Content facilitation 

12.30pm – 01.00pm Lunch

01.00pm – 2.30pm Content facilitation continued

02.30pm – 3.00pm Reflection with Jo Williams

Session 1

Starting Back!

Refresher information regarding the Induction and Mentoring Programme –
Revisiting the codes and standards, settings goals;
Portfolios, collecting evidence and documentation in a ‘work smart’ way;
Reflecting on our classroom/learning environments, management and organisation;
Developing connected, positive relationships;
Working with children with challenging behaviours, creating inclusive environments;
Promoting student health and wellbeing, developing a growth mindset.

Facilitator: Jo Williams

Community Engagement that Strengthens Success for Pasifika Students

Guidance around effective communication with parents/caregivers/community;
So’otaga – making connections, building on values, beliefs and a sense of belonging;
Exploring Pasifika culture, values, proverbs, celebrations, protocols and co-constructing learning that encompasses cultural Fa’a Samoa that aligns with NZ key competencies;
Opportunities to learn greetings, instructions and simple songs through practical activities, useful websites and resources;
Sharing case studies of Pasifika people’s achievements (artists, authors, mathematicians etc) that can be shared with our students;
Further reading/research recommendations.
Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Date: 24 February 2021
Facilitator: Saga Frost
starting back

Session 2: Let’s Make Maths Fun whilst Making Maths and Learning Count!

This ‘how to’ maths session will build both teachers’ and students’ confidence and knowledge in all areas of maths, as well as emphasize how to have fun while learning. We will explore numeral identification, place value, multiplication and division, fractions, decimal fractions and proportional thinking through the use of materials, games and activities in order to reinforce and embed these vital maths concepts in primary and intermediate school classrooms.

Date: 24 March 2021
Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Facilitator: Jill Smythe
Let’s Make Maths Fun

Session 3: Enhancing your Literacy Programme for Diverse Learners, including Ells (ESOL) Students

Strategies, practical tools and new ideas to help you develop your teaching and writing programmes;
Opportunities for discussion around English language learners in our classrooms, what they need and how best we can support them and scaffold their learning;
Looking at literacy through an inquiry approach.
Date: 19 May 2021
Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Facilitator: Sarah Valintine

Session 4: Inquiring Through The Arts - Building Agency Through Self Expression

Thinking about The Arts as a toolbox for exploring, discovering and presenting;
Developing ideas through making and doing Visual Arts;
Practical guidelines for organising arts activities.

Date: 23 June 2021
Time: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Facilitator: Juliette Laird

Session 5

Developing an Inquiry, Thinking and Questioning Learning Culture

This practical and visual session aims to provide teachers with a ’thinking and questioning toolkit’ that can be used immediately to create and foster a thinking and questioning learning culture. We will discuss the importance of modelling thinking aloud and the need to guide children to ask different types of questions for different purposes.

We will look at using graphic organisers and other thinking resources such as Thinkers Keys that can scaffold and extend children’s thinking and problem solving. ’The person who does the thinking does the learning’ (

Facilitator: Jo Williams

Digital Technology

Cyber safety, management tips, integrating digital technology across the curriculum and an opportunity to explore some of the best websites.
Time: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Facilitator: Glenn Pressnell
Date: 11 August 2021

Session 6: Teachers’ Presentations

This is an opportunity to draw on the strengths and passions that our teachers
have developed over their last two years of teaching. Now that the teachers are
approaching full certification, we would encourage several teachers from the programme who show leadership qualities to step forward and provide short presentations of their choice, showcasing their areas of developing expertise from which we as educators can all benefit.
Date: 22 September 2021
Time: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Facilitator: PCT Teachers